Saturday, July 30, 2011

Recap of a great July meeting

The meeting from the vantage point of Steve Burns.
So we had a great kickoff meeting on July 26th!  We had almost 40 people attend from all over the place: lots of Bloomington folks from different areas and several Indianapolis people.  Thanks to the guys from the Clockwerk Creature Company for bringing the edgy.  Thanks for the IU Telecom and CMCL folks for bringing the academic.  Thanks to the Townies for bringing the ... Townie. *shrug*

Basically, thanks to EVERYONE for coming out and spending an evening with other filmmakers to meet, learn something about 3D, introduce yourself to each other.

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  1. And thanks to Chris "Boom Boom" Eller for the knowledge-dropping of stereoscopic film work. Looking forward to Chuck "Hubba Hubba" Budreau's throwdown on sound coming up Tuesday Aug 30th!