Monday, August 20, 2012

October meeting: What's it Like to Be a (female) Director

Only 5% of directors in indie film and Hollywood are female? Why is this? How can we change this? Kate Chaplin, a director of over a dozen films, comes to talk to IFN Bloomington about here experiences and research about female filmmakers.

Named a “Naptown notable resident” by Intake Magazine, a "powerful woman" by the Indy Star, as well as one of the “most talented writers around today” by the Writer’s Page, Kate Chaplin is an multi-award-winning film maker whose projects have appeared on MTV, CMT, VH1, Discovery Channel, film festivals, in print and online. Ms. Chaplin is passionate about film and sought after to provide film classes at local schools, libraries and leadership organizations to help inspire others to learn more about filmmaking. and

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