Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January Meeting: Stunts and Indie Filmmaking

Adam Rector will present on the basic functions of stunt performers, choreographers, and coordinators within the film industry. After outlining the major stunts, he will delve deeper into the stunts commonly performed on indie productions. Emphasis will be placed on fighting for film, how directors and members of the production team work with a stunt team, and what is feasible within the budget of indie filmmakers.

Adam Rector is a member of both the United Stuntmans Association and the Society of American Fight Directors. He is a graduate of the International Stunt School class of 2011 and a certified Actor Combatant. He has movement and choreography credits in the worlds of independent film, theatre, opera, and new media with dozens of projects to his name. In addition, he is also a lifelong martial artist that currently teaches in the IU Martial Arts Program.

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